Strategic Plan

The development of the ICOM DRMC 2022–2025 Strategic Plan (Strategic Plan) began at the 2022 ICOM Triennial Meeting in Prague with a workshop. Tan is to provide guideposts for the Committee to frame its activities in support of museums and museum professionals seeking this content. The Strategic Plan supports the following Focus Areas of the 2022-2028 ICOM Strategic Plan:

  • Focus Area 1: Global Positioning
  • Focus Area 2: Governance, Communication, and Diversity
  • Focus Area 3: Climate Change, Digital Futures, and Leadership

The ICOM DRMC Strategic Plan is currently under development but will be organized into Focus Areas with complementary activities for implementation throughout the duration of the Plan and is structured to be flexible enough to address gaps identified by the field, leverage existing resources, and adapt to emerging needs. The progress of the Strategic Plan will be tracked on an ongoing basis and shared with the Committee regularly. ICOM DRMC commits to implementing this Strategic Plan and collaborating with all existing ICOM entities in support of disaster resilient museum and cultural heritage professionals.